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Rock Ensembles focuses on working together in a real band situation with a final performance as the goal. Each week students will be given a new song to work on for the following week’s ensemble (private instructors can help with this). All instruments are welcome. The ensembles will meet once per week for one hour per session. The program will be 8 weeks in length and the cost will be $23 per session ($184.00 for 8 weeks).

Ensembles are geared to the individual player’s age and/or preference to style of music.  Ability of the player is also a consideration when placing the student in an ensemble situation.

We offer ensembles in all styles of music ( rock, country, blues, Jazz, classical, pop).  A large percentage of our ensembles are adult groups who either want to hone their skills or are starting to learn new skills.

Listen to Patrica Drain’s Vocals and Paul Kinnear’s guitar playing on the link below.